No Business As Usual!


On June 8th, 2015 from 11:00am to 7:00pm we invite you to participate in an electronic blockade. 

What is an Electronic Blockade?


If entities in Seattle continue to aid Shell, through action or inaction, in outfitting the Polar Pioneer for its arctic drilling mission we will use our right to freedom of speech to bring their day to day business to a halt.

What are we doing?

We are coordinating a call and email electronic protest within a specific time frame, we keep their phones ringing, their voicemail full, and their email mounting for 8 hours.  We make our voices an immediate concern because we are tying up the resources they use to do business.  Each person’s call may only take a minute or two, but enough of us can keep them busy all day.  We can fill their voicemail boxes, even if they clear them regularly.  We will flood them with our dissent.

How does it work?

Step One:

Sign up below for a specific time slot when you will call for until you get a voicemail and leave a message at each number.


Step Two:

Tell your friends!  Tell your coworkers!  Get them signed up to call!  Anyone with a phone can help.  They don’t have to be in Seattle, or even in Washington State.  Tell folks on your social media to sign up as well using the following hashtags #ShellNO #FloodTheSystem #ElectronicBlockade

Step Three:

On the day of the blockade, go to


About 15 minutes before the blockade begins, information on who to call, their phone numbers, emails, and sample text will be uploaded.  This is publicly available information for organizations that have the power to affect Shell’s ability to operate in Seattle.  It will not be released until the blockade begins to prevent them from preparing for the volume of incoming calls.

Step Four:

Call as many numbers on the list as you have time for.  If your call cannot connect due to call volume, you can call back.  Once your call has connected, politely explain to the person answering the phone that you are upset about the impact arctic drilling will have on the planet and would like that organization to stop supporting Shell.  Please be as polite as possible.  Once you’ve spoken to someone or left a voicemail, move on to the next number.  Do not repeatedly call the same number after you get a voicemail and/or person on the line, that could be considered harassment, and we wouldn’t want that.

Step Five:

Paste the email addresses from the pastebin file into your email.  Copy the sample email provided or write your own.  Send the email.

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