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(Some of the following is peoples media but it is largely corporate media. Therefor it is recommended that people keep the Psywar in mind when consulting sources)

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  • [BREAKING: (JUNE 13, 2015 9:30pm PST) Rumors heard and now confirmed that the Polar Pioneer was partially destroyed from underneath and has already been repaired. The story shortly appeared on the local corporate news but is currently nowhere to be found despite various confirmations that the story was broadcast. Please send any links regarding this story to]
  • Slog Poll: Are Shell’s Attractivists Hotter Than Greenpeace’s?

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(the following taken from Bayan USA‘s “In the news” section)

Meet the Rappers and ‘Kayaktivists’ Out to Stop Shell’s Giant Oil Rig (Rolling Stone; May 22, 2015)
Shell: No Arctic oil drilling! (Workers World; May 22, 2015)
Shutting Down Shell in Seattle (TakePart; May 20, 2015)
Oh, wow: what a weekend (350 Seattle; May 19, 2015)
Report-Back from #SHellNO Protest (Deep Green Resistance Seattle; May 19, 2015)
Seattle: #YOUSHELLNOTPASS Blockades Shut Down Terminal 5 (Rising Tide North America; May 19, 2015)
‘Shell No’ — So Seattle, but so much more too (Seattle PI; May 19, 2015)
#YouShellNotPass Blockades Shut Down Terminal 5 (Common Dreams; May 18, 2015)
View from the Helm: The local and global impacts of Shell’s misguided Arctic adventures (Puget Soundkeeper; May 18, 2015)
Hundreds Gather in Artful Protest of Shell Oil Rig (South Seattle Emerald; May 16, 2015)
In Spite of not having Proper Permits, Shell’s Polar Pioneer is Expected to Dock in Seattle’s Port on Thursday (Top News; May 14, 2015)
The Rally For Seattle and The Arctic (Earth Justice; May 13, 2015)
McKibben Blasts Obama Over Arctic Drilling as Activists Ready for Fight (Common Dreams; May 12, 2015)
Does Shell Think We’ve Forgotten 2012? (Other98; May 8, 2015)
Seattleites Come Together To Draw The Line And Say ‘Shell No’ To Arctic Drilling (Alaska Wilderness League; May 5, 2015)
Meet the Beast (Cascadia Weekly; April 29, 2015)
April filled with rallies in Seattle (Daily Kos; April 29, 2015)
Seattle says, ‘Shell No!’ (Catalytic Community; April 27, 2015)
Los Angeles Filipinos protest Indonesia’s plan to execute woman (Daily Breeze; April 27, 2015)
This Weekend’s “Shell No” Rally Focused on People, Not Polar Bears (The Stranger; April 27, 2015)
Seattle says NO to Shell’s arctic drilling fleet (Liberation News; April 26, 2015)
Fil-Ams protest in New York: ‘I am Mary Jane Veloso’ (Rappler; April 25, 2015)
Activists plot to stand in the way of Shell (Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber; April 22, 2015)
Polar Pioneer oil rig expected to arrive in Port Angeles this morning — protesters say they’ll be on hand (Peninsula Daily News; April 17, 2015)
Giant Oil Rig Arrives iIn Port Angeles, Greeted By sHellNo! (Popular Resistance; April 17, 2015)
Clinton, Warren and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (The Hill; April 16, 2015)
Activists Set Date for Civil Disobedience Against Shell’s Arctic Drilling Rigs in Seattle (The Stranger; April 15, 2015)
How Fil-Am Bernadette Ellorin battled brain cancer with courageous activism (GMA News; April 14, 2015)
National Day of Action supports Mumia Abu-Jamal (Workers World; April 14, 2015)
US Wages ”War on Terror” in the Philippines (Truthout; April 9, 2015)
US asked to help citizen tagged as reb backer (Philippine Daily Inquirer; April 2, 2015)
Protests decry 12 years of U.S. wars abroad (Workers World; March 23, 2015)
On International Women’s Day, marches, rallies target police violence and low wages (Workers World; March 11, 2015)
US activists’ call for Aquino ouster draws mixed responses (Philippine Daily Inquirer; March 5, 2015)
BAYAN USA demands Philippines President Aquino resign (Workers World; February 28, 2015)
Fil-Am activists call for PNoy’s resignation (ABS-CBN News; February 26, 2015)
Wide array of groups congratulate UC Santa Cruz for hosting Angela Davis on ‘Ferguson to Palestine’ (; February 16, 2015)
Programming of Kababayan Today this week, Mar. 2-6, 2015 (Asian Journal; February 6, 2015)
Third World Resistance: Reclaiming the radical Dr. King to protest police and prisons (San Francisco Bay View; February 1, 2015)

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