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May 29 2015

To: members, participants, inhabitants of planet earth and/or inter-dimensional or intergalactic beings concerned with our collective fate.

RE: Royal Dutch Shell and Arctic Drilling operations currently in preparation in the Port of Seattle, occupied Duwamish and Suquamish lands (AKA The Emerald City and the Land of Oz)

YOU are invited to a collaboration of grand scale to help save the past, present and futures from a most terrible fate.

As of NOW one doombringer, the “Polar Pioneer”, is already stationed in the Port of Seattle. Another doombringer, the “Noble Discoverer”, is stationed in the Port of Everett and plans to join its demonic brethren in the Port of Seattle soon, where the Doomfleet is being prepared for its mission to drill for oil in the Arctic. The demon’s spell of Empire has trapped many of our relatives and put them to work in preparing the Doomfleet, despite the immediate threat it represents to all life. Overseers and enforcers from the Seattle Port Commission, Shell Oil, TransOcean, Foss, the Seattle Police Department, the Valley Civil Disturbance Unit, the Coast Guard, and scabs of ILWU Local 19 are currently collaborating in the 6th mass extinction on Earth. This is no exaggeration. This extinction is characterized by the rich using fossil fuels to overheat the earth and to construct enclaves with micro-controlled climates where they thrive while the rest of us unnecessarily suffer and die outside of their walls.

The story with which Empire and energy companies have colonized our imaginations and present realities is leading us down a path of ultimate self-destruction. We need to gather together as fast as we can. We must share our stories. We must remember all that came before us. We must collectively sculpt our destinies. Staring certain death in the face as a consequence of our willing or unwilling incarceration in this oily war machine, all we are left with is each other and our ability to weave together a world in which many worlds fit.

There are many ways to engage in this struggle. Create other communiques convoking communities to congregate and collaborate against our doom. For those who can arrive to Occupied Duwamish and Suquamish lands before the Doomfleet’s scheduled departure (June 10, 2015 at time of writing), there are already ample accomplices awaiting your arrival. The rumors are true! Autonomous action camps grounded in sharing of food and stories in the midst of resistance to the Doomfleet are sprouting victories against the Empire. Those who cannot physically participate with the camps nearest to the Doomfleet can engage this particular portal from the futures by attacking the hydra head of Shell nearest you and sharing stories. In a myriad of mediums—our lives, bodies and physical rebellions, writing, speaking, video, hip hop, poetry, spoken word and music of all sorts—generate and share stories of our successes and failures against the Doomfleet and Empire. From the perspective of grandchildren to come, how was the war on life brought to an end? How did you act in response to this information? What are the consequences for them of the actions you took and the actions you did not take?

A quest has been delivered to all who seek life: Royal Dutch Shell’s arctic drilling fleet must not leave the Port of Seattle.

Get (y)ourself free.

The Good Witches of the Pacific Northwest

#PortalFromTheFutures #StorytellingActionCamps


This site is being offered as a space to share information regarding Royal Dutch Shell Oil (see company profile), their intended arctic drilling operations and RESISTANCE. Please contribute information via replies to posts or pages or contact Seeking volunteers for translation of materials to any and all languages. Also see COMMUNIQUES, and the following:

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